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Over 20 Years of Experience

OPEX has over 20 years of experience researching and testing different fitness methodologies.

It’s that experience that conviction and success with Personalized Fitness. OPEX founder, James Fitzgerald, is the leader in the Personalized Fitness Coaching World.

Not only did James win the first CrossFit(R) Games, he’s worked with tens of thousands of coaches and clients who’ve seen the long-term benefits of a Personalized Fitness Program Design.

What Does An OPEX Gym Offer?

Our goal is to build a brand that is built on one main purpose – “To inspire people to live larger lives.” When you are in our facility you will immediately understand that your best interests are aligned with your coach’s as well as the gym’s owners.

  • Monthly Consultations to ensure client’s big picture success in and out of the gym
  • Ongoing Assessments to ensure clients are progressing physically
  • Daily Individual Design Program – every workout is designed for each specific client to optimize long-term results
  • Ongoing Nutrition Guidance – without the proper nutrition education, the results in the gym won’t be optimized
  • On-the-floor Coaching – your coaching lives on and off of the gym floor
  • An Outstanding Community – “Just because you have your own fitness program doesn’t mean you can’t have a great group of peers to train with”

How Are We Different?

Unlike personal training, which is really just expensive “babysitting” that only gives you a daily workout, OPEX Coaches deliver comprehensive and individually designed fitness experiences to each and every client for a fraction of the personal training price.

Unlike group intense fitness, which is an over-hyped and templated quick fix often leading to burn out, OPEX is a Professional Coaching experience that delivers you a thoughtful and individualized training experience each and every day.

Best Parts of Training Under One Roof

For the first time, OPEX Gyms take the best of personal training, the smartest fitness program design, and the fun of the fitness gym environment and put them under one roof.

OPEX Gyms are where you go when you want to truly enjoy your experience.

Our core values

When you start training at an OPEX Mount Sinai, you’ll have your own personal coach who designs all of your workouts and your nutrition planning. Every day you’ll have the opportunity to work out with a great group of like-minded clients and you will have a coach on the gym floor who will make sure that you are moving safely and effectively.

free consultation! 
We are so confident, your initial consultation is completely free.

Meet the team that makes it all possible.

Zahraa Stuart
Owner, Manager

Zahraa fell in love with CrossFit 2016 when she met her better half Jonathan Stuart. She has experienced a tremendous change in her strength, fitness and wellness and is now addicted for more. Zahraa is pursuing her Dual PhD in Electrical Engineering and Science Education at Stony Brook University. She loves management and thrives to make Mt. Sinai CrossFit one of the best gyms around. Zahraa is not a Coach but a leader and when it comes to customer satisfaction and putting a community together she will give it her all.

John McGuiness

John has been involved in sports since he was three years old, but his passion was in-line hockey.  His desire to excel in all aspects of the sport led him to become involved in strength and conditioning … as with everything John does, he jumped in and gave this 110% of his effort.  John went on to attain a B.S. in Exercise Science from Lindenwood University in 2011. Shortly after college, he spent three years as an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at Quinnipiac University, working with many Division 1 athletes, including the two-time Frozen Four runner-up Men’s Ice Hockey team. He currently is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS) by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and holds certifications in CPR, First Aid, and AED.

Coach Jonathan Stuart
Jonathan Stuart
Owner, Manager, Coach

A soccer player turned CrossFit guru, Jonathan has been performing CrossFit for 9 years.

He was playing college soccer at St Johns University and was introduced to CrossFit through some friends who told him to try a workout called “Helen.” Ever since then he’s been hooked. A year later he went and received his certification and has been coaching ever since.  He and his wife Zahraa met at college and opened Mt Sinai CrossFit in 2014. It was love at first LIFT!

Jonathan is not just versed in strength and conditioning he also has an extensive background in languages, philosophy, and countries he’s visited. He is also pretty good at making you laugh, or at least himself.

You can find him either eating, training, or discussing some travel experience or life experience he’s had.