Most people don’t have the user manual to their own machinery

How do we prepare someone for life? Well, more specifically how do we prepare someone for physical growth? This question on the surface seems like its very easy to answer. After all, we have gone through thousands of iterations to be where we are today so perhaps its ingrained in us – already intertwined, coded, numbered into our DNA.

I have been thinking about this question for a long time and it finally came to light after I had a call with James Fitzgerald, OPEX Fitness founder. We were discussing the training needs for people aged 50 and above. What they need [50 and above] is resistance training, first and foremost. As bone density starts to decrease they need resistance work more than ever. What they also need is sustainable aerobic development, so they can enter their retirement ready and able to enjoy the years to come.

What are the anticipated gains of this training: Gardening without pain, hiking, playing with grandchildren, traveling, golfing, completing bucket lists – living life full of vigor.

Now the question becomes: Why do we forget that we will age too?
You see, we are marketed to every single day from clothing companies, athletes, “coaches/fitness gurus” or those pretending to be, supplement companies etc…. all telling us we need to be faster, stronger, bigger, competitive, HIIT train, do a 1 hour beat-down class and leave the gym in a drunken stupor all the time. Does this sound remotely close to what we need to do to sustain life based around our function? I didn’t think so either.

Perhaps there really is a disconnect with our younger selves compared to our very near “older selves”. Do we, at this age, NOT understand that we will be in that same boat soon? In the current social media culture, we are trying to hold on to our youth before it’s too late. We are trying to outsmart our biology by saying “I’ll be doing this until I’m 80”.

Will you really? Will you really be power snatching 200# when your 80? Will you really be lying in a pool of your own humanity from a beat down session you just got at the gym at 80? I’ll answer that one for you: NO!

The fact is that “most people don’t have the user manual to their own machinery” (Ido Portal).

Not only do We HAVE to create a change in the fitness industry, we NEED to create a change in the fitness industry. It is completely and utterly overloaded with terrible, terrible understanding of what makes people fit and how we should get them there. You don’t pick up a calculator and then suddenly become a PhD student in Mathematics, do you?

This is the exact reason why we’ve partnered with OPEX Fitness – to bring a change.

We understand that fitness is a LONG GAME. We understand that fitness is the medium that improves every other aspect of your life. We understand that fitness means prioritizing the individuals needs.

So next time you are thinking about what will create a lasting impact on your health and improve your fitness don’t chase the “fast-track model”. Don’t chase it. It is a fleeting concept.

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