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Malak Taking Control

I became healthier throughout
the process and learned a lot about
my health.

Im Glad I started Early.

-Malak, 25.

Zee is Learning & Achieving

Fitness is far more Important than the body fat % i was aiming for. True fitness & wellness Education is what I look forward for at OPEX Mount Sinai every single day.

We all deserve that type of care.

-Zee, 27 .

Marcelo at 52

"I am officially down 25lbs from when I started at 240! In addition on my latest check up at the doctor they've lowered my Synthroid medication because my metabolism has actually increased. And my back pain isnt nearly where it used to be. I recover much quicker."💥
- Marcelo, 52

Leslie Moving Forward

The woman on the left is gone forever & never coming back.
If it wasn't for the inspiration and encouragement I received from OPEX Mount Sinai I don't think id be where I am today.

You gave me new vigor and made me want more.

-Leslie, 48.

Maggie Found her Why

What you don't see here is the changes Maggie feels day to day. Her stress level is lower, shes finally working towards a full push-up, her knees don't ache anymore, her sleep has become less interrupted, her aerobic endurance has greatly improved, her weight has changed dramatically and she even gained a sizable amount of muscle. In addition, her nutrition improved gradually to the point where she comes in giving us recipes and the latest spice and concoction she prepared for her family.

-Maggie, 60.

Bret Crushing his Goals

43lb between the two photos!
At OPEX I find support and unity.. a home away from home. The team cares not only about the physical aspect of health but also the mental aspect of health.

-Bret, 28.

Kim taking Control of her HbA1c

For the first time in a while, under the guidance of our coaches and her constant commitment to improve, Kims HbA1c went down by 3 points.

-Kim, 42.

Vince Feeling Better

These photos are separated by 2 months. Before @opexmountsinai Vince figured he'd have to live his life in pain with constant "adjustments" from chiropractors to FIX his alignment (as you can see in the left photo).
He works a desk job like 86% of Americans and had always enjoyed exercise but didn't enjoy the injuries and weeks long recovery that came with it.

-Vince, 25.

Hoda Appreciating Health

Im so happy I got my life under control with OPEX Mount Sinai.

-Hoda, 24

Zahraa Wont STOP

Fitness is a lifestyle journey..its not a stop!
Treat it as such.

-Zahraa, 26.

Eric is Changing His WORLD

A yr ago today, I wasn’t sleeping well, diet was off, too much stress ended up sick a lot, landed myself in the hospital with bad bronchitis . Now feeling the best I’ve felt, at 41 yrs old, since my 20’s. My strength is way up, and I saw a dramatic blood work improvements. Combination of a lot of things: the low hanging fruit better sleep, focused diet, balanced strength and conditioning program, better stress management all key factors. Having a plan and executing it and tracking results has been key!
Thank you OPEX Mount Sinai.

-Eric, 41.

Brandon Making his Way to the Top

I went to Minnesota wilds development camp. I had strong camp on the ice and backed it up off the ice. Finished in the top half in testing (13th out of 30), including best in vertical jump and 4:29 on the 2 mile assault bike test.
Thank you Coach Jon for your in person and remote support throughout the year.

-Brandon Bussi, 21 .

Every Single Client get Results

8 People. 8 different lifestyles. 8 different nourishment prescriptions. 8 different goals:

-We Honor the Individual.

-OPEX Mount Sinai.

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Sean McCabe

We have gyms and then we have OPEX !!! John and his wife and staff are all legit, extremely knowledgeable about any and everything. This gym goes above and beyond to get to know you and help you achieve your goals. THE COACHES ARE PURPOSE DRIVEN , and I write that in cap because they do have that passion that people need to change those bad habits and develop good ones. Very pleased so far but the best is yet to come, Evey day I hit the gym I know I am taking one more step to that OPEX in my life. Blessed to find this place for sure. THANKS OPEX Mount Sinai!!!

Andy Bourne

Great bunch of folks. Excellent trainers!!!!

Justine Justiniano

Love this gym so much!!! They meet with you monthly to assess your progress and offer plenty of help with dietary needs such as recipes and overall grocery lists which is very helpful ….heck they will even go foodshopping with you!! They offer you workouts based on your goals and your abilities and help you achieve them. The members are also always there to offer you a friendly good job or a full out you go girl lol! The coaches are great and try their hardest to keep me on track which I need with my busy schedule!! Great gym, great coaches, and great members ….A++++ in my book😊

Martha Tarquinio

Great personalized training tailored to meet your individual goals. I’ve been coming to OPEX Mount Sinai for 7 months and this is the best I’ve felt in years! The coaches are wonderful, extremely caring and knowledgeable, they always make sure I stay on track even when I’m traveling.


I have been coming to Opex for over 6 months and I can’t say enough positive. The fact that the training is personalized for my wants and needs is what makes all the difference. The guidance and training given fit my lifestyle and goals. I would recommend anyone to come here if you really want to see a change.

Maggie Pupiales

Wonderful coaching; they listen.
Program is tailored to my goals.
The people that attend the gym are fantastic!!
It’s a great supportive environment

Jennifer J. Maertz,

If you are looking for semi-personal training and a supportive environment, Mt Sinai Opex is for you. You get a personalized workout plan to achieve your goals whether its losing weight, getting stronger, sculpting muscle or recovering from injuries or all of those things. In addition to the face to face monthly evaluations you also get a monthly computer read out of your improvement including weight changes, body fat, water, and muscle mass in different areas of your body.

It’s not the type of gym where you work out with 50 different random people each day. (You generally only work out with a handful of people each day, each on your own program and your own schedule.) You get to know and support one another in a non-judgmental manner while also focusing on your individualized training. Each workout is delivered to you on an easy to use app and trained staff/owners are there to guide you as needed and help correct your form including suggestions for overcoming or avoiding injuries.

Irving Cruz

If you’re looking for results you should come and check out opex of mount sinai they are great. Not only they customize a workout plan for you they also help you with your nutrition. They also care enough to make sure you stay on track and focused on your goals. I have to say this is the best gym I ever joined

Vincent Malizia

Great gym that is very unique. I would high recommend this gym if you are interested in seeing results.

Ed Turney

Hands down, some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Knowledgeable, friendly and amazing!

Jim Burke

a great place to work out friendly and engaging staff looking only out for your benefit ….. make a commitment to yourself then this is the place you want to be

Gary Alexander

Caring coaches design programs specifically for each member

OPEX Mount Sinai Process