Don’t Forget Yourself

“Fitness Experts”, “Money Gurus”, “Immune System Boosters”, “Fad Diet Specialists”, “Yogi Meditation Magicians”, “Stoicism Aficionados” are DYING FOR YOUR ATTENTION:

30 Day Squat Challenge
30 Days of Saving Money
30 Juice Cleanses To Boost Your Immune System
30 Days of Meditation
30 Days of Seneca & Journaling


It strikes me in such a profound and unsettling way. It presumes that you are ALWAYS in NEED of something OUTSIDE YOURSELF.

You ,as a person who may be hit pretty hard from the entire change in landscape from two weeks ago to today are MORE THAN 30 Days. 

If there’s time for anything it’s simply a time to be with yourself and ask yourself the tough questions about your life in general:

– Do I actually enjoy my work?
– Does it bring me fulfillment?
– Have I been an honest person to myself and others?
– Where am I failing?
– Where am I succeeding?
– What is important to me?
– Why is it important?
– Who am I?
– What have I learned?

But guess what!? These questions don’t fit nicely into a 30 Day Challenge. WHY? 

Because you’re A HUMAN and you’re complex. You’re not a computer that has simple inputs and outputs. You are an ever evolving system.  Understanding the difference between complex and complicated systems lies at the heart of the problem.

You see, complicated systems are ones in which every output of the system has a proportionate input. I input a CD-ROM to my computer and it displays a program. Complex systems on the other hand are NOT proportional or linearly related to inputs which means small changes in one part of the system can cause sudden and unexpected outputs in other parts of the system or even system-wide reorganization. I input a CD-ROM and the computer shuts off and overheats.

If you THINK you are a complicated system then yes 30 Day Fixes work because all inputs and outputs being created equally will allow you to get the EXACT results you want in 30 Days. It’s as simple as plugging into the Matrix and uploading all the results, goals and dreams you desire.

A COMPLEX system understands that any input can potentially contribute to an undesirable or desirable outcome. 

So, you tell me: Which one are you?

And such is the game of life – the freedom to CHOOSE

Fear, disruption in rhythm, malnourishment, energy depletion, overworking, mounting stress is a great way to be preyed upon and marketed to. 

Look here: I can restore HOPE in your life, establish a better diet to help you feel more NOURISHED, all the while increasing your ENERGY LEVELS, to help you conquer WORK, and never feel STRESSED again. 

Lack of agency is probably the most amazing thing to happen to us all through SARS-CoV2. Having nothing to direct your life but your own intuition is every person’s dream according to instagram, facebook, twitter and any other social media platform – until it isn’t.

We have the most outlandish ideas of who we WANT to be until we realize we actually don’t desire those things at all.

We desire everything in opposition to our current state:

We desire “working from home” and then we desire “returning back to work to keep rhythm”. 
We aren’t “muscular” and we desire “developing muscles”.
We want to “lose weight” and then we “double our intake” .

None of these are bad and none of these are good. They are the way they are for YOU.

If anything, hopefully this time affords us the opportunity to accept ourselves, to truly know what we desire, and to open our eyes and see THROUGH it all for once in our life.

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”


TS Eliot

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