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Jason Prosser

Jason is a 20 year Army veteran who turned his training in the military into a passion to help others. He is  from a small farm town in Illinois and have since become a bit of a thrill/adventure seeker from traveling around the world a lot. He uses what he learned through his life to show people how to be happy through fitness. The type of clients he would like working with are the ones who understand that fitness is a lifestyle and not a quick fix. Some of his hobbies are Obstacle Course Racing, Motorcycle riding and Paintball.  He will work with others to help change our lives to be happier and healthier. Follow along my fitness and coaching journey through my Instagram @jaypro79program.

Jason is under OPEX CCP training and certification.


Zahraa Stuart

Born and raised in Beirut, Zahraa moved to New York in 2014 to pursue her Engineering Degree – now pursuing her Dual Ph.D. at Stony Brook University. Zahraa has had made an enormous amount of progress in both her health, strength, mindset etc from engaging in a physical practice under Coach Jonathan and thus believes and maintains that all people deserve the right to live a healthy, pain free, invigorating life where they can DO WHAT THEY WANT. As a result of this she decided to join forces with OPEX Mount Sinai. She manages the day to day operations and is in charge of client support. If you have any inquiries personal/business contact her through the email provided below.