Bio-hacking For What?

How far removed have we become from our natural states of being that the term bio-hacking is common verbiage used to describe bringing your body back to its original state?

There is not a minute that goes by that I am browsing through Facebook, Instagram or receiving text messages where I am met with a whole host of images and videos for creams, potions, cbd’s, supplements, gels, sheets, beds, waters, etc.… that are apparently better and more effective at restoring my NORMAL function.

This then begs the question as to what a human being’s normal function actually is? Our normal function seems related to what we are marketed towards, correct? Why would we be marketed these items if we didn’t have poor sleep, a lot of stress, a bad diet, achy knees, painful backs/necks, beds that we can’t find comfort in, and dehydration that borders hospitalization?

If we continue to go on this path, we will soon be marketed a Meyers cocktail which will claim to solve all of our problems both internally and externally. They’d call it The Fountain of Youth Drink, which can be purchased for 3 easy payments of… You know how this goes. (Maybe we are already marketed this item, I’m not sure)

Our Predicament

Now the important question: What is our normal human function?

Our normal human functions are simply to derive energy from food, protection against injury, internal coordination/function, and reproduction. That’s it! Seems simple enough, right?

Well not exactly. Living in the 21st century we have become less and less resilient to stress. Part of the reason could be due to increases in our overall physiologic load (see Robert Sapolsky’s Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers) but more of it has to do with us not performing basic human functions.

It cannot be stated enough that what millions of years of evolution taught us should not be undone. Meaning using extra-ordinary means to regain vitality is not as easy as popping a pill or taking a cold shower. We must first realize the root cause of the stressors creating dysfunction in the body.

You see, the body responds to all inputs as stress upon our physiology. For example:

  • Lose sleep one night, guess what, mental acuity that morning will be impaired
  • Not hydrated enough, guess what, you may become severely constipated
  • Eating excess calories, guess what, fat mass will begin to accumulate more than is normal
  • Drink a ton of alcohol, guess what, fatty liver occurs and possible cirrhosis

I assume you are starting to see a pattern here. The minute we mess with our normal human function, as outlined above, we start to see the body unable to deal with the stressors using our control systems.

As the number or magnitude of physiological stressors increase, the bodys ability to function and heal optimally is reduced as is the ability to handle the additional stress.

So, when we have mental fogginess, we then believe we need Alpha Wave pills to restore prime function, but we didn’t realize that we’ve been under slept for a month due to a new baby being born. When we have chronic dehydration, we think, I’m going to drink more Gatorade, it has electrolytes in it. When we have excess weight starting to accumulate, we think, I just need to start keto, all my friends are losing so much weight on it. When we feel anxious all the time, we think, I just saw this ad for CBD I heard it works. When we have an ulcer, we think, the doctor prescribed me Protonix that’s going to make it go away. When we have erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness we think, I just need to take the pill my friends are taking.

These are all symptoms of over-arching issues that are occurring in your body which cannot maintain homeostasis nor engage allostasis. (Allostasis is the process by which the body responds to stressors in order to regain homeostasis.)

When you are relying on the biohacking model to regain vitality you are doing yourself a severe disservice which is only masking the true dysfunctions occurring in your body.

Aim to develop a better relationship with food, hydration, sleep, sex, and stress. Understand when you feel best. Seek out what food truly nourishes your body to perform optimally. Discover how much sleep you ideally need by noticing the difference between going to bed at 1am to wake up at 5am and going to bed at 9pm to wake up by 5am. Ask yourself why you need double shot espressos from Starbucks 3x/day. Ask yourself why you need pre-workout every time you go to the gym.

Most of all, ask yourself the reason you’re doing any of it. Do you really want to sacrifice your sleep for health only to then temporarily relieve it by biohacking your system?

Bio-hacking needs to die a quick and painless death in favor of being human and vital.

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